Missing Links

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Ok y’all hope Santa was good to those of you who believe and those of that your resolutions  keep them this year. We missed out on some gossip while away on our lil festive spree here at The Wire, so here is just a little re-cap.

RIP The Godfather of Soul – James Brown, the man who has inspired manyand most, sadly passed on December 25th. His body did make a last trip to the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem on Thurs the 28th for apublic viewing. His lady friend/wife/whatever she really is Tomi Rae Hynie, however found herself locked out of her alleged home after the Godfather passed. The lock down was a move made by JB’s lawyer, Buddy Dallas who questions the couples marital arrangement.

The Mighty Have Fallen – After seventeen years of marriage, the best
that ever did it in basketball and his wife Juanita have called it quits. Obviously being back out on the road with his Charlotte Bobcats was just proving a little too difficult for the Mrs. She had filed for divorce previously from him as his wandering eye had caused her concern back when MJ was playing for the Chicago Bulls. Had she actually gone through with that the state laws of Illinois would have granted her up 90% of the couples assets. Wow.

Dope Gets Caught with Coke – OK so last we talked on about Mike Tyson, he was supposed to be working it out as a male escort under the guidance of Ms. Heidi Fleiss. Now he is getting busted in the affluent area of Scottsdale in Phoenix, AZ for possession of coke and DUI. He actually ‘fessed up to the Deputy implying he had a problem with the white powder. The life of an ex champ is never easy is it?


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