Mixtape Download: Kool A.D. “51”

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The indie blog darlings of Das Racist have been testing the waters of solo-stardom. Back in January Heems released “Nehru Jackets” on his Greedhead label and now Kool A.D. has dropped his own solo debut 51, via Mishka NYC. The reception for “Nehru Jackets” having been overwhelming positive, expectations run pretty high for the group’s (arguably, but really there’s no argument) better half. 51 features guest spots from Heems, (or Himansu, as I imagine his parents say) and the dudes of Main Attrakionz. It’s also 12 tracks longer than I want to listen to at once, but check out some choice tracks below or hit the link below for the full download.  Props to Mishka on this tape.







Kool A.D. 51

1. 51

2. Electrum

3. La Pinata

4. Oooh (feat. Main Attrakionz)  – STREAM

5. Arrested Development (feat. Kassa)

6. Ticky Tacky (feat. Main Attrackionz & Green Ova)

7. Manny Pacquiao

8. California Music Channel (feat. Trackademicks)

9. Power/Refinement Knowledge

10. Donda

11. Biz vs. Nudge (Skit)

12. Damien Hirst (feat. MondreM.A.N. & Dope G)

13. Town Business (feat. MondreM.A.N. & Dope G)  – STREAM

14. Leverage (feat. Boots Riley)

15. Gentry

16. TV Eye

17. No

18. The Robbery

19. A Milli

20. A Different World (feat. Meyhem Lauren & Himanshu)  – STREAM

21. Al Green

22. Island High Cypher