Mixtape Download: Wiz Khalifa- Star Power

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This tape may have converted to me into a Wiz Khalifa fan.  What is it with all the rappers rocking out on the video game/ space themed songs and mixtapes as of late?  Anyway I was definitely familiar with Wiz, but I haven’t really sat down and digested a bunch of his tracks until now and I like what I hear.  I feel like the younger heads are more likely to dig this dude.  Wiz is one of those rappers who is always rappin about smoking weed, and I tend to like those artists for obvious reasons.  Download link, preview links, and track list below.


 Wiz Khalifa- Star Power


“Ink My Whole Body”- Preview Link

“Feels Good”- Preview Link

“Be Easy Remix”- Preview Link

“Weed Roller”- Preview Link


Wiz Khalifa