Mixtape To Smoke Blunts And Get Weird To: Hollyweerd- Electricity Showroom

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So I got a mixtape from a group out of Atlanta called Hollyweerd.  Like it says in the name they are actually pretty weird.  It’s kind of has a Dungeon Family type sound except a lot more abstract.  You’re going to either think this tape is ill or absolutely hate it.  Check out the preview links and figure out which one it is.  I for one think it’s pretty cool but what do I know.

Hollyweerd Front






















 Hollyweerd- Electricity Showroom


“Mandatory Mandate” – Preview Link

“I’m Soul/ First Class”- Preview Link

“Triple Chrome Undipped/ Hold Up Zeldaq”- Preview Link

“Member’s Only Remix/ Sleep Tight”- Preview Link


Hollyweerd Back