MLB Playoffs Recap; Dodgers, Phillies, Yankees Win Playoff Opening Games

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mannyThe Major League Baseball Divisonal Series‘ started yesterday with a triple-header of great games.  The early game featured the defending World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies facing off against the winner of the Wild Card, the Colorado Rockies.  The game featured big stars such as Ryan Howard and Chase Utley for Philadelphia, and Troy Tulowitzki and Todd Helton for the Rockies, yet the game came down to Philadelphia‘s ace that they acquired at the trade deadline, Cliff LeeLee was superb for the Phillies, striking out six and at one point retiring sixteen in a row while leading his team to victory in his first every start in the playoffs.  The Phillies won the game by a final score of 6-1.  Game 2 of the series will be played this afternoon at 2:37, with Colorado‘s Aaron Cook facing off against Philadelphia‘s young flamethrower Cole Hamels.

The second game of the day was the New York Yankees against the extremely recent AL Central Divsion Champions, the Minnesota TwinsCC Sabathia started his first playoff game for the Yankees, giving the offense something to work with by letting up only two runs throughout the game.  It was an old school Yankees offense that beat Joe Mauer and the Twins though.  A-Rod had two RBI singles, and Derek Jeter scored three runs while knocking in two with a home run in the third (the first playoff HR in new Yankee Stadium).  The Yankees won the game by a final score of 7-2.  Game 2 of this series will be played on Friday at 6:07.

The third game of the triple header featured probably the best two teams to face off in the first round: Joe Torre’s Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Tony LaRussa’s St. Louis Cardinals.  This battle also features two of the game’s all-time greats (and I don’t care anymore about steroids…everyone did ’em): Manny Ramirez for L.A., and the god-like Albert Pujols for St. Louis, however the two of them were pretty quiet in this opening game.  This game was more of a team effort by both sides, with Los Angeles‘ potent offense shutting down Chris Carpenter‘s pitching prowess.  The Dodgers won the game by a final score of 5-3.  Game 2 of this series is tonight at 6:07 PM.

Look out for the opening game of the Boston Red Sox / Anaheim Angels series tonight at 9:37 PM, on TBS

Who do you think will win the World Series?  My pick: The Los Angeles Dodgers.  Vote Below!

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