Mo’Nique takes Flavor Flav’s leftovers

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      Comedian Mo’Nique apparently didn’t like what she saw when watching both Flavor of Love season one and two. Thirteen of the Flavor of Love girls will participate in Mo’Nique’s new VH1 series “Charm School Queen”, a new show that will train the ladies in proper etiquette and put their social skills to the test.
      "These girls are outspoken and outrageous, but they need some focus and direction,” Mo’Nique. “I’m just the woman to give it to them. You will see a metamorphosis in these girls, I promise!"
      Each one of Flav’s ex’s will compete in challenges testing poise and grace and will be judged on their ability to handle pressure in difficult situations. They will be given the opportunity to transform from a flavor of the month to the ultimate standard in class and sophistication. Although the amount hasn’t been announced, the prize will be cash. Look for series to hit screens in 2007.


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