Mobb Deep’s Havoc Readies ‘The Kush’ for September

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Havoc has been one half of Mobb Deep and the man behind the group’s sound for over 14 years, but has never released a solo project. Now the Queensbridge producer is finally dropping that debut, “The Kush”, on September 18.

      “I was always ready (to drop a solo-album), but the reason why it took me so long is because the timing wasn’t right,” Havoc said. “I was always working on Mobb Deep material and working with other artists and I used alot of the material I was going to use for a solo-LP for Mobb Deep records. Basically, ‘The Kush’ is dark and gutter, I really wanted to go that direction.”

      Don’t expect a bunch of appearances on the album either. Only Prodigy and new cats 40 Glocc, Un Pachino, Nyce and Nitti appear on the album, which was all produced by Havoc.

      “Besides Prodigy, I did not want a bunch of big stars on it, as it would have taken away from the real objective of the LP, which is grimy and down to earth,” he said.

      Here’s the track listing to the album dropping though Nature Sounds Records:


1.) NY For Life (produced by Havoc)

2.) I’m The Boss (produced by Havoc)

3.) By My Side f/40 Glocc (produced by Havoc)
4.) One Less Nigga (produced by Havoc)
5.) Ride Out f/Nyce (produced by Havoc)
6.) Balling Out f/Un Pachino (produced by Havoc)

7.) What’s Poppin Tonite (produced by Havoc)
8.) Class By Myself f/Nitti (produced by Havoc)

9.) Set Me Free f/Prodigy & Nyce (produced by Havoc)

10.) Be There (produced by Havoc)

11.) Hit Me Up f/Un Pacihno (produced by Havoc)

12.) Get Off My Dick (produced by Havoc)


  1. you obviously was born last nite if you dont know who havoc is. dont hate cause your ignorant dog. you must be about 12 or younger. havoc been producing ill beats since ya mom &pop was in high school. check the resume dun dun

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