Mobb Deep’s Concert Marred by Violence, G-Unit Rapper Injured

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By: Rizoh
       Mobb Deep’s Belgium concert last Friday (December 15) was cut short by violence. A fight broke out between security personnel and a fan that had been kicked out of the VIP section. According to Mobb Deep’s camp, the fan upon being booted from the VIP returned with friends and began throwing bottles at the VIP area. One of the bottles accidentally found G-Unit signee 40 Glocc, cutting his hand in the process.
      The violence was later controlled and 40 Glocc and Mobb Deep fans were then able to exit the club safely.
      Mobb Deep will continue to play Europe by visiting Munich today (December 22). 40 Glocc is expected to return to the US after the European tour. His forthcoming mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid will hit the streets in January.