Mobb Violence in Europe

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Mobb Deep had a bit of a problem last week in Belgium with a disgruntled fan who was kicked out of VIP. The fan wasn’t too happy and when his altercation with security ended in him being dispersed of he came back with his crew and started throwing bottles. No one was seriously hurt but 40 Glocc did get a boo-boo on his hand as a bottle ricocheted off the wall. I heard Banks had a bit of bother up in Canada last week too. Trouble just never seems to be too far behind the GGGGG-Unit


  1. Mobb Deep has been in the hip-hop game for 15 years, with the respect of millions world-wide. Now they have hooked up with a money making machine that will leave them with no respect at all. The price you pay to crossover…

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