More Details on Yeezy’s Album

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Kanye’s performance at the VMA’s has sparked some speculation as to if he is really working on an album, how the fu*k he has time to do so, and what it would be called. In news a few weeks back, Kanye was slated to produce the entire Blueprint 3, and word is he’s still doing that. At the same time, he’s working on new music for his own fourth album. The first single, “Love Lockdown,” was put up on the site earlier today, and sounds like very different territory for Kanye. The album is rumored to feature a bit more of the vocoder and a lot of love-themed tracks. Supposedly Kanye’s done four tracks so far, and he’s working on completing the rest.

The name of the album is rumored to be titled 808’s & Heartbreak. Maybe Ye’s still a bit sour after his breakup from his fiance a few months back.  Either way, one thing’s for sure – Kanye’s innovative musical ear and knack for catchy lyrics will definitely make his fourth album a hit. And if anyone doubts that Ye puts in work, he just stuck a proverbial foot up your mouth. Look for the album to hit stores on December 16th on Def Jam/GOOD.