More Proof That Timbaland Is Avoiding “Urban Music”

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A while back I reported that Timbaland dissed long time partner Ginuwine because he wanted to avoid urban music, you can read about that here, Now he is taking it a step further because besides getting that Justin Timberlake/Madonna pop money he is trying to incorporate the whole ‘Twilight’ world into his music. In regards to his new video he wants it to be all Twilight, I want certain people in the video,” he revealed to MTV over the weekend at Justin Timberlake’s charity concert, talking about “Morning After Dark,” the first single off his upcoming album Shock Value 2, and featuring the new artist SoShy. “I want the same characters of ‘Twilight,’ which I’ve almost got.” Now he says he’s on the verge of getting Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and possibly other “Twilight” stars to appear in the video.

If I get Bella and Edward, it would be [ideal],” he explained. “I’m gonna give a twist to it, though.

Timbaland’s twist would involve embracing the dark side of the vampire world while casting himself and friends in key roles, which he hopes will meld Forks with the aesthetic of Kate Beckinsale’s hit vampire series.

It would be almost, kind of like, ‘Underworld,’ ” he explained. “Kind of like that movie, you won’t know what we are. You don’t know if we’re vampires, but we are something. You know what I’m saying?”

Timbaland is convinced that RPattz and KStew could bring his music video the right tone. In his possible story line spun off from “New Moon,” Timbaland and SoShy would appear as vampires offering Edward piece of mind as he flees for Italy. Well This definitely does not sound urban to me but at least its different never been done in a music video by Timbaland before.