Motivational Speeches From A Crack Dealer

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There was a pretty interesting piece in the NY Post about the recorded convos of a Harlem based crack dealer.  I’m gunna have to plagiarize Gawker‘s breakdown though:

  • On opportunism: “You gotta be out there in the morning. The morning, the morning, from like the morning. Just sit in front of the stoop in the morning. ‘Cause they’ll all come see you, boom, boom, boom, ’cause that’s the morning. That’s their first high.”On payday: “Hug the block on the first.”

    On guns: “Make sure, head shots only; head shots only.”

    On “heat”: “If shit gets crazy, let it go, let it go.”

    On life after Riker’s: “[I’m] just a gangster. That’s the life I live. I live this gangster shit. [I] won’t be doing a damn thing but selling crack.”