Ms. Hill Continues To Emerge From The shadows

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Hip-Hop still loves Lauryn Hill so that’s probably why she’s starting to peek out of her shell a little bit. After announcing that she was doing three gigs in the United Kingdom this summer, she also announced that will do a couple of U.S. dates as well. On June 27, Lauryn will perform a set at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre and on June 29, she will do a set Palomar Starlight Theatre.

     Even though it’s rumored that Lauryn has been working on a new album called “Khulami Phase”, apparently she’s been working on doing a show for quite some time. In an interview with Heavy in the Streets Blog L.A. DJ and producer DJ Quiotix said that he was working with L-Boogie on putting together a show. According to Quiotix, there wasn’t any contractual agreement for the work or a clear understanding of what was going on. So he left.

      “It’s really weird, because I loved working with her,” Quiotix told Heavy in the Streets. “It was just the people running the operation I guess, the people around her. From what I understand we were programming her new live show. We were making beats for her and remixing her old stuff. I guess we were going to use that for the live show because they had also mentioned to me that she wanted me to be her DJ. I mean as any producer/DJ would tell you, wouldn’t you be a little nervous in producing tracks for an artist and not signing any kind of production agreement? For all I know, what if something I made ended up being released. Know what I mean?”