My people, my people.

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
Foxy Brown obviously thinks she doesn’t have to deal with waiting on line like the rest of us, even if it is for drug testing to keep her ass out of court. Inga wasn’t feeling the wait of three hours last week and said this as to why she didn’t hang around and do as she was told just for once, "it is not that I have anything against my people, but my safety was in jeopardy." This coming from a chick who is in the system for attacking manicurists.  And  wasn’t she the one to say this "Supreme bitch, y’all broads is ancient/I’ll bank your whole shit, top draft pick like/I’m the Prince Nasheem of this shit/Come test me; and leave with your vest swiss cheese like." But as we all know in Hip-Hop people tuff talk does not equate to tuff person.


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