Mya Running Her Mouth?, Oh Cam’Ron What Have You Done?

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Word on the street is Mya is shopping her tell all book. Yup I am saddened about this as I never thought I would see the ‘liberated’ artist go pull a Superhead but supposedly she is. And the thing is she is said to be going into more explicit detail that we experienced with Superho…why Mya..why?

Oh Cam’Ron what have you done?

      This is an editorial cartoon in which they visually ‘describe’ what Cam said while being interviewed on 60 Minutes the other month. The paper has obviously come under fire…no wonder Cam is laying low and just to make matters worse here is a skit from the G Unit Radio 25 mixtape
      Hopefully Cam is somewhere regrouping and getting ready to come back with some fire at everyone who has clowned on him lately.


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