Nas: “My Album, ‘Nigger,’ Is Coming Out and Def Jam is With It”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
      After a report from Fox News that Def Jam Records is not releasing a new Nas album this winter and it would never release an album with title like “Nigga”, Nas told MTV News that the report was news to him.
      "I don’t know where that [report] came from and neither does Def Jam," Nas told MTV News. "None of us knows where that came from."
Nas told MTV that he changed the album title to “Nigger” and it’s slated to hit stores on December 11. He said that he’s two weeks away from finishing up the album and it features production from Salaam Remi, Jermaine Dupri, Diddy and DJ Toomp. In response to the negative reactions from Jesse Jackson, NAACP and other Fox News pundits, Nas said to mind their business.
      “I’m a street disciple," Nas said. "I’m talking to the streets. Stay out of our business. You ain’t got no business worrying about what the word ‘nigger’ is or acting like you know what my album is about without talking to me. Whether you in the NAACP or you Jesse Jackson. I respect all of them … I just want them to know: Never fall victim to Fox. Never fall victim to the sh– they do. What they do is try to hurry up and get you on the phone and try to get you to talk about something you might not know about yet.
      "If Cornell West was making an album called Nigger, they would know he’s got something intellectual to say," Nas continued. "To think I’m gonna say something that’s not intellectual is calling me a nigger, and to be called a nigger by Jesse Jackson and the NAACP is counterproductive, counter-revolutionary."
Nas also told MTV he wanted to help make the word less hurtful while at the same time educating his fans.
      "I wanna make the word easy on mutha—-as’ ears," he explained. "You see how white boys ain’t mad at ‘cracker’ ’cause it don’t have the same [sting] as ‘nigger’? I want ‘nigger’ to have less meaning [than] ‘cracker.’ With all the bullsh– that’s going on in the world, racism is at its peak. I wanna do the sh– that’s not being done. I wanna be the artist who ain’t out. I wanna make the music I wanna hear.
      "We’re taking power from the word," he added. "No disrespect to none of them who were part of the civil-rights movement, but some of my n—as in the streets don’t know who [civil-rights activist] Medgar Evers was. I love Medgar Evers, but some of the n—as in the streets don’t know Medgar Evers, they know who Nas is. And to my older people who don’t now who Nas is and who don’t know what a street disciple is, stay outta this mutha—-in’ conversation. We’ll talk to you when we’re ready. Right now, we’re on a whole new movement. We’re taking power from that word."


  1. i think this is nas purpose. He takin hip-hop to where it should have gone. If i rule the world could come into play, this would be the start of it. Rap is the mouth piece for the underdog. It’s time we start talkin and sayin the truth. It was writen that this day would come and it’s only right. MAy NAs lead the new school of rappers who don’t give a fuck about lettin the truth be heard. It is what it is, fuck your statist as a celeb who cares. Shit is real in the world.

  2. Go ahead Nas. Someone gotta do it. The world is tryin to paint itself as a United Colors of Benetton commercial which it aint. Its black and its white. Its Nigger and its Cracker. Its The European Vs The African. Let freedom reign with a buckshot. We aint create the world we live in THEY did so as a result they gonna reap what they sow. The race war is to be a reality. Don’t get it twisted with white and black artists poppin up in eachother’s videos and shit. When it comes down to it you either on one side or the other. Whoever in the middle will perish..word up. Its bigger than hiphop y’all!

  3. That shit nas said is a bunch of bullshit. The reason that white people don’t fill the same sting with the word cracker is because that word wasn’t used to enslave, beat, lynch, and rape there ancesters,dump ass. They didn’t loose over a 100million of their people to the middle passage to a strange land. you can’t take the sting out the word, period. You talking to the streets, homie, what type of example is that for kids stupid. I think that he is just trying to get publicity for his album by being contraversal over a hot topic in hip hop now. I love nas, he is one of my top 5 mc’s of all time, but he seem like he saling his soul for money

  4. we havent even heard the album yet and everybody has start judging this man’he is not the first to have the title called nigger.dick greogry has a book called nigger its no different its just that theyre focusing on the hip-hop world

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