Nas has spoken

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
At a show in Sacramento in Ca over the weekend my fave lyrical man namely Nasir Jones made his displeasure at Dipset known to the masses by saying ‘F$ck Dipset’. This statement had the crowd going crazy and allegedly he called out 50 and Eminem later on too. Like I said on Friday..New York has to show some unity amongst its own before it really does pop off…real talk people.



  1. Nas is the truth! But he may have bitten a bit more than he can chew- he’s gonna have to Ether the whole rap game coz he beefin everyon. RESPECT- the King wants his crown back!

  2. Nas is the man, people are just pissed because he acknowledged that hip hop is dead and he’s trying to change that. Get off his jock, seriously. By the way, F__K Dipset, they can’t rap at all anyways.

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