New Boyz Talk Jerkin’, Making Music For The Ladies, Having A Record Deal In High School, Longevity In The Game & More

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When I first delved into the dance craze known as Jerkin, I quickly realized that there were a few vital figures involved in the movement.  As I skimmed through article after article regarding Jerkin, Ben J and Legacy, better known as the New Boyz kept appearing as authorities on the culture.  In 2009, the New Boyz brought Jerkin’ to the masses with the success of their debut album, Skinny Jeanz & A Mic.  Establishing themselves as a force in the mainstream with the hit “You’re A Jerk,” the duo quickly received attention from various media outlets.  Skinny Jeanz & A Mic went on to receive numerous accolades including placement as the number 6 album of the year by The New York Times.

Last week, I had the chance to sit down with the California duo and talk to them about their significance in the Jerkin’ movement.  They informed me that their involvement in the spread of Jerkin’ was not conceptualized, it just sort of happened, referencing the fact that their debut was recorded in a home studio consisting of old programs and a $100 mic. The Boyz also spoke about the perks of having a record deal while in high school and how their upcoming album differs from Skinny JeanzBen J and Legacy went on to speak about being entrepreneurial by starting their own labels and possibly going to school for film production.  Because they’re barely out high school, I felt the need to ask their thoughts on rappers who are over 30 years old and still in the game.  Regardless if you’re a fan or if you’ve never heard the New Boyz before, I definitely recommend checking out this interview.