New Music: Listen to Skinny- C, Atlanta Rapper Who Sold 10k Albums Off Independent Campaign

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As you probably already know Atlanta is the hotbed for rap. But there’s still a handful of rappers out there in the A that sadly never get the proper shine they rightfully deserve. Enter ATLien Skinny-C, who dropped a series of grassroots performance and fan engagement campaigns through the Southeast. As a result, Skinny-C has sold more than 10,000 combined digital and hard copies of his 2010 release Mixtape Muzik Vol. 1: INTREPID and Mixtape Muzik Vol. 2: RHAPSODY. Since then, Skinny-C has performed at the 11th annual June-teenth Festival and the 5th Annual Texas Summer Music Conference. “I wrote ‘Polo’ on some feelgood fly ish,” says Skinny. “I’m a Polo head that stays fly but don’t seek attention (never thirsty), but on this day I was cleaner than yesterday, so the universe needs to look at me because not only am I fresher than most, I also got something to say.” Check out Skinny-C’s “Polo” after the jump.