New Music: Ma$e – “When New York Was New York”

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In the interest of full disclosure, it’s worth noting that I am not particularly a big fan of this, well, “anti-Southern rap” angle many die hard East Coast rap fans have been pushing on hip hop culture over the last decade or so. (Fortunately because of this bizarre standpoint, we received great tunes like UGK’s “Quit  Hating the South.”) In fact, it goes beyond just fans: Rappers and industry folk share this sentiment as well. But, let’s face it, Southern hip hop has always been popping and it’s a great thing that they’re finally reaping the benefits (critically and commercially speaking.) And yet, you have guys like Ma$e (who is on his, like, fourth comeback in the last six years) pushing some antiquated pro-New York agenda because their career is in shambles. Leave rap music alone, it’s doing just fine. Sit back and enjoy the show. Or, if you’re feeling crazy, peep Ma$e’s (ridiculously titled) “When New York Was New York.” After the jump.