New Music: Vic Mensa – “I Been”

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Vic Mensa is one confused artist: There are too many hands in the cookie jar. For one, his INNANETAPE project from 2013 positioned Mensa as an artist ready to blow without the necessity of conformity. And now — with two years removed from his breakout tape — he’s nothing but a conformist and corporate shrill. (This pain’s me to say, by the way.) Or, at least that’s the vibe he’s been giving off with his last few tracks. For starters, Mensa signing with Jay Z’s highly-questionable Roc Nation label was bad move, albeit very smart; ever since the signing he’s been making some abysmal moves musically speaking and his trajectory is noticeably… out of the ordinary, too. The highly-anticipated “U Mad” with Kanye West basically flopped and sounded like some terrible Steve Aoki sh*t from 2012. Then he dropped nonsense like “No Chill,” which I’ve yet to hear because, well, didn’t you see the song’s internet meme-baiting title? No thanks. He’s probably released more music since but I’m over it. And here’s yet another Roc Nation-era Vic Mensa cut — it’s called “I Been.” I haven’t listened yet but don’t let my opinion on him sway you from peeping “I Been” after the jump.