New Prodigy Song: “Wuddup Gz” Off Product Of The 80’s (Download)

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prodig.pngAs a product of the 90’s myself I have always been a big Prodigy fan. You couldn’t help it when you grew up on The Infamous & Hell On Earth. Now opinions of Prodigy vary widely, but I’m a Mobb Deep fiend so any joint he drops I give a listen. He’s got this new album dropping “Product Of The 80’s”. Couple things about this album. 1. It features a production lineup of Sid Roams, Sebb, & Jake One. That is pretty much my favorite current producer lineup right there. Sid Roams executive produced the album. 2. My dude Al Khaaliq is connected with it as he worked with Sid Roams on producing one of the joints (“Test Tube Babies”). 3. The production lineup. 4. I’m a big Un Pacino fan (who is featured on the album with Big Twinz) and 5. The Producer lineup. The album drops on October 21st, and if you are an underground street hop fan like me then copp it. Here is a new joint just dropped called “Wuddup Gz”. Enjoy. 


“Wuddup Gz” – Prodigy (Produced By Sid Roams)

To Preview The Track Click Here