(News?) DMX Headed back to Jail

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After going to a hearing for four counts of possession of drug pariphenalia, one count of driving without a license and one count of marijuana possession in Miami – DMX’s prayers were not answered and he was denied bond. So, X will be staying in jail until October 2nd, at which point he will have another hearing to see if he will be given bond in Miami or shipped to Arizona, where he has other charges pending. What the hell happened to X? Just a few years ago he was on TRL and doing world tours, now it seems like he can’t go a month without doing something stupid, and making sure a cop knows about it. I remember he was planning a gospel album about a year ago – seems like that church music will be held back until he can actually make it to church (on the outside). I would say good luck, but it seems that X wouldn’t like my kind words, perhaps he’d get to barking. And on another note, Wheezy has to be careful before he’s the new X.