NFL Week 4 Preview: Games Of The Week

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peytonThis week in the NFL features some key match-ups that will provide some big tests for 3-0 teams like the New York Jets, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Minnesota Vikings.

The New York Jets are playing the marquee match up of Sunday’s games, pitting MLB Bart Scott and their #1 Defense against QB Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints‘ ridiculous #1 Offense.  The Saints are very tough at home, but the Jets will look to pick them apart at the sweltering Superdome, where Brees is borderline unstoppable.   The Saints will have at least four viable targets on the field at all times (WR Marques Colston, TE Jeremy Shockey, HB Reggie Bush, and WR Devery Henderson), so the Jets will have to continue playing defense at the high level they’ve shown they’re capable of achieving this season to keep up.  Hopefully, Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense will be able to put points up as well, to keep the game even and exciting.  PREDICTION: Jets 24, Saints 27.  MATCH-UP TO WATCH: Rex Ryan (head coach, defensive guru) Vs. Drew Brees (the most pimp QB in the NFL).


The Baltimore Ravens have silenced their critics who claimed their team was anemic offensively by averaging 34.3 points per game over the first three weeks of the season.  Second year QB Joe Flacco has been awesome for the Ravens, and his offensive prowess–along with the MLB Ray Lewis, FS Ed Reed, and the perennially ferocious Baltimore Defense–has led the Ravens to an unexpected record of 3-0 to start the season.  This weekend they’ll have to travel to Gillette Stadium to take on the 2-1 New England Patriots, a team with a chip on their shoulder after missing the playoffs last year and their week 2 loss to the Jets snapped a 19 game winning streak.  Pats Head Coach Bill Belichick will look to make an example out of the Ravens D, attempting to replicate the success Tom Brady and the (supposedly) powerful Patriots offense has shown over the past few years.  PREDICTION: Baltimore 24 Patriots 10, MATCH-UP TO WATCH: Ed Reed / Ray Lewis (terrifying FS / MLB duo) Vs. Tom Brady / Randy Moss / Wes Welker (at the top of their game, they are the best QB / WR team in the league.)


The Minnesota Vikings are by far the most hated team in the NFC Central this season.  The reason: Brett Favre.  After a long career as the most popular and celebrated NFL player, Brett Favre‘s flip-flopping retirement talks have left him a marked man in the Midwest.  After a year with the Jets where he faded at the end of the season, directly costing the Jets the division and the playoffs, Favre retired, then un-retired to play for the Minnesota “enemy-of-Packers-nation” VikingsFavre‘s first game against his old Green Bay squad will be a grudge match, to say the least, but should also provide some excellent, grinding football.  The Packers, led by QB Aaron Rodgers and WRs Donald Driver and Greg Jennings will look to score early to give their defense some much needed help.  PREDICTION: Packers 15, Vikings 28, MATCH-UP TO WATCH: Aaron Rodgers (the prodigal son of Packer nation) Vs. Brett Favre (the legend and the traitor now on the hated Vikings)


What game are YOU most looking forward to this weekend?  Let me know in the poll.  Also, let’s see if any of you can predict the score to any of this weeks games…post your predictions in the comments section! [polldaddy poll=2064234]