Nicki Minaj Drops Rihanna’s Tour

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Young Money’s Nicki Minaj was set to be the opening act for Rihanna’s upcoming “Last Girl On Earth Tour”, but Nicki has announced that she will be pulling out of the tour.

The rapper said that she was looking forward to performing across the country, but she’d rather use that time to focus on her upcoming debut album. Nicki says via twitter:

Barbz I’m sorry 2 say I will not be going out on RiRi’s tour. I’ve decided 2 use that time 4 the completion of my album. Hope u understand. Thanks to Rihanna 4 being a sweetheart and extending this great opportunity 2 me. Support the show! Luv, HB.”

Popstar Ke$ha, that chick that sings about clocks, is set to be opening the show for Rihanna solo and it’s set to kick off this summer.

Nicki also recently dropped her video for her single “Massive Attack”, which you can check out here.