Nicki Minaj Remixes Blueface’s Hit With “Bust Down Barbiana”

5 years ago view-show 213,147

Nicki continues her freestyle influx.

Hip-hop’s most recent hit to submit listeners into forced reiteration just received even more fire power: as promised earlier, Nicki Minaj has hopped on Blueface’s “Thotiana”.

In-line with her recent string of remixes–which include Meek Mill and Drake’s “Goin Bad” and Lil Baby and Gunna’s “Drip Too Hard”–Nicki comes through with her version of the Blueface smash hit, “Bust Down Barbiana”.

In typical Nicki fashion, “Bust Down Barbiana” is a haughty offering that furthers her command of the english language, showing how she can pen bars with the best of them. Before enlisting her rapid-fire flow, Nicki begins verse one with the clever lines, “And I’m still winnin’, Pacquiana (Pacquiana) / Percocets, popiana, killin’ everybody beat / Thank you next, Ariana (Ariana)”>

Blueface recently supplemented the catchy single with a YG feature, signing a verbal peace treaty between Crips and Bloods, and with Nicki’s rendition, the 22-year-old Famous Cryp’s star is only going to continue its furious ascent.

Listen to Nicki’s “Bust Down Barbiana” below: