NLE Choppa Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Complex

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The 16-year-old artist peruses Stadium Goods’ shelves.

Complex’s Sneaker Shopping series, the show that provides a glimpse into celebrityhood sneaker affinity, has spanned the gamut of entertaining guests. From Migos to comedian Chris D’Elia, the YouTube show emphasises sneaker culture’s place in celebrity life. Exploring shops across the country, today, host Joe La Puma stops in New York’s Stadium Goods with buzzing rapper, NLE Choppa.

The man behind the omnipresent “Shotta Flow” hit, Choppa’s interests transcend making smash records to include stocking a collection of fly kicks. With a budding music career, including a Platinum plaque, life has changed for the teenage sensation whose budget has grown proportionally with his swelling brand equity. Now, no pair of shoes is off limits for the Tennessee artist.

During the episode, Choppa showcases his sneaker style, which includes Jordan 1’s, but also provides insight into his greater aspirations: mainly, getting into real estate and owning his own sneaker shop, NLE Kicks — an outfitter designed to help those dress fresh on a budget. 

Hit the link below to watch NLE Choppa speak more about his sneaker collection, interests, and peruse the Stadium Goods shelves: