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Lil Kim needs to get her finances together real quick as she appears to be owing a whole lot of people a whole lot of money. The Brooklyn rapstress was recently named in a lawsuit by Trackmasters for failing to fill her obligations to a contract the production duo had drawn up which saw her being compensated by a whole load of cash for an album which is yet to even be recorded. Publishing giant Simon and Schuster were also chasing her down for a book which she was advanced $40,000 for when she got out of prison nearly three years ago, the book has still to be turned in and now she has the IRS chasing her ass for close to a million in taxes she has failed to cough up on. The break down on who is looking for money from her is listed below
* The state of New York filed a $12,599 tax warrant on April 26, 2008, in the New York County Clerk’s office.
* The IRS filed a $50,464 lien on Sept. 5, 2007, in the Bergen (N.J.) County Clerk’s office.
* The IRS filed a $67,509 lien on May 14, 2007, in Bergen County.
* The state of California filed a $4,089 lien on Sept. 16, 2005, in Sacramento County Court.
* The IRS filed a $232,348 lien on Aug. 16, 2005, in New Jersey.
* The state of New Jersey filed a $51,471 lien on Aug. 11, 2005, in New Jersey State Superior Court.
* The state of New Jersey filed a $77,939 lien on Dec. 9, 2004, in New Jersey Superior Court.
* The IRS filed a $482,671 lien on Feb. 19, 2004, in New Jersey.
That’s some serious money right there and when all she really has going on right now is Dancing with Stars and a couple of shows here and there, that sex tape I keep hearing about still might not be enough to dig her out of her hole. However maybe linking with Akon might be the Queen Bee’s saving grace right about now.


  1. oooouch!!! That’s a lot of money! I have money problems myself. But with kind of money, I wonder how she’s gonna pay for it. With only little show here and there. Good luck with that. tsk tsk!

  2. Well I gues, she’s one of chicks who spends/waste money here and there, without thinking about the consequences. So I’m saying, this is practically here fault and no one Else’s. She’ll be facing serious charges if she doesn’t do something about her debts.

  3. kim must’ve thought she’s indispensable. a talented rapper who’s still out there would not be caught dead in dancing with the stars.

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