Now THIS Is A Hit And Run

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This AP flick just put Surrey, England on the map. Local law enforcement pulled over in an attempt to slow down a speeding BMW driver. Too bad the dude behind the wheel wasn’t having that as he kept going and hit the police truck with a vicious side swipe. Then the perp’s car stalled, he hopped out his automobile, and ran for his life. I can’t comprehend how no one got seriously hurt: especially the cop attempting to pull him over. What’s more alarming is how the officer just got up from a near death accident and chased the suspect as if it was another day on the job. You’d think you were watching someone play GTA as the events unfold but the dashcam makes you realize this actually happened. Thankfully the parties involved didn’t sustain major injuries from what I can tell. Plus, all things considered, this clip is more compelling than Cops has been in years.

Via: Associated Press