Oh What a Night

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
DJs awarded? Justo respected? Please, the Tenth Annual Mixtape Awards were a total mess last night at the Harlem Apollo. People were left standing outside last night in the freezing cold as doors were closed on the famed Harlem theatre way before the auditorium was to full capacity.
What should have been a night of recognition was more like the Ghetto Grammies. Fights broke out, loud arguing and bad organizing  ensured the event closed down, the only people who probably got a kick out of this even was the NYPD who were out in force on 125th Street. People people people…all I got to say is if New York Hip-Hop is dead y’all be killing it…this beefing is getting us nowhere. Fights and arguments broke out between G Unit, Dipset and Tzar Entertainment in one form or another last night and these are our representatives in Hip-Hop…..come on now we need to wave a white flag before we have to bury more of our sons.


  1. Just get rid of dipset, that should solve things. No I’m playing. Seriously, the hip hop community needs to get together and seriously reevaluate its position, we can not have another Biggy and Pac situation.

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