Omarion Dropped From Columbia Records

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      Omarion has been dropped from Columbia Records, according to a new report from Blackvoices. Omarion has been with Columbia Records 2003.


  1. “put em up” “put em up” cowardly lion lookin ass nigga and that ol best of both worlds must have been alot of peoples mirrors and coasters cause its damn sho not the album to purchase columbia told him to “jump off”

  2. Ive met him and its not that hes gay, its just the r&b crowd sells to the younger crowd so they have to look that way. Plus its the rumor that they were molested as kids. That can leave a mark on you that you dont even know is there. I have nothing but sympathy for him. He sux as an artist though!

  3. yeah wateva i see we have da hataz leaving comments yes i am a fan of omarion n come to think of it wat record company yall wit n let me hear u sing little do u kno omarion dnt need dem
    Dezi niggaz kno wat it iz

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