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Well there might just be a glimmer of hope as to Dipset reuniting after all after Jim Jones and Cam took some time out to speak this past week. The duo who have openly stated in interviews that communication between them has been pretty non existent for the last eighteen months or so got to talking and well who knows there might just be something in the works featuring the two of them. Not sure if we will see a reconciliation with with the youngster of the group Juelz Santana who Cam insisted has a syrup problem in his XXL feature last month.
When asked about his and Juelz current status Cam said “I’m not going back and forth with him [in the media],” Cam insisted. “I wasn’t lying. I was asked a question and I answered it. I’m sorry if he’s upset.” Juelz denied having a syrup issue and said Cam was just trying to stir up publicity for himself and his up and coming project.