Pacifist In Pumps

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If the name Black Lily rings a bell- you may have heard her name floating around those circles. Or -if you’re an avid Philly Music Lover- perhaps here- So just who are we talking about- Her name- Candice Anitra and like her female powered anthem says “Not afraid to throw a punch’ and ‘A pacifist in pumps’.

Welcome to the stage Anitra. She’s since moved to NY and honed her skills and songwriting craft with a debut album that’s shaping up to be a musical tour-de-force. She’s been working with super producer Joel Hamilton(Elvis Costello, Justin Timberlake, Bernie Worell, Talib Kweli) and music by Dub Trio(backing band for The Fugees, Matisyahu) and recorded in BK’s ‘Studio G’– now if that isn’t enough- Candice Anitra brings the raspy, soaring vocals and infectious melodies over funky rock -infused baselines.

The debut ‘Bark Then Bite’ could possibly take the Soul/R&B world by storm as Anitra is introduced to the world!


Here is the first music video off the debut called “Objectify”– Let us know what you think!

She’ll be doing a string of shows in NY in June and that’s when ‘Bark Then Bite’ is set to drop.