Pam Grier & Lucy Liu Enter RZA’s Chamber….

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We previously reported that filming for RZA’s directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fist, is currently underway in China.  Now, new details surrounding the film have become public due to an unforeseen tweet.  Pam Grier, whose name has never been formally tied to The Man With The Iron Fist, tweeted “Returned from Shanghai film directed by RZA of Wu Tang w Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, on Man With Iron Fist, to tape Oprah Winfrey Show Mad Fun!

There’s a chance that Mrs. Grier was simply visiting the set, although it’s more likely that she’ll make a cameo appearance due to circumstances surrounding the movie.  Eli Roth, who is signed on as co-producer and co-writer is a very close friend of Quentin Tarantino.   Considering that Tarantino is often credited with revitalizing Grier’s career by casting her as the lead in Jackie Brown (1997), it’s not unlikely that Roth used this relationship to place Grier in RZA’s film.  In addition, the tweet confirms the circulating rumor that Lucy Liu will also star in The Man With The Iron Fist.  We’ll hit you with more details as they emerge.