Paul Wall Gets Chopped & Screwed for Virgin Mobile

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Paul Wall’s new album, “Get Money, Stay True,” has almost been out for a month and has been getting mixed reviews for his weal lyrics but fresh beats. But even in that Virgin Mobile still wants to get down with the people’s champ. In an exclusive deal with Virgin Mobile, Wall will be giving the company previously unreleased “chopped & screwed” ringtone versions of his songs from his new album as part of the ‘first dibs’ campaign. There’s also a ‘First Dibs’ contest where fans get to explain how they ‘stay true’ to themselves for a chance to win $300.

      "I’m really excited to be able to give my fans a chance to get ‘First Dibs’ on new exclusive ringtones! I’m gonna enter the contest myself, and hope I win," Paul Wall said.

      The songs that will be available include "Break Em Off (Chopped & Screwed)," "Gimme That (Chopped & Screwed)," "How Gangstas Roll (Chopped & Screwed),"  and "I’m Throwed (Chopped & Screwed)." To enter the ‘first dibs’ contest, visit. DJ Paul Wall