Pharrell Talks Upcoming Projects With Jay-Z, Drake, Rick Ross & More

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Pharrell’s been making major moves as of late, designing lotions, launching websites, you know, boss stuff.

He recently sat down with the people over at MTV and he spoke on many subjects from his upcoming album to projects with The Clipse, Drake, Rick Ross and more.

He admitted that N.E.R.D. is going on tour and should be making their way to your city soon as well their upcoming album Nothing. He says:

“Just be prepared when you come to the show. You’ll need more than just a water bottle for our show, at least in the festivals overseas. You’ll need more than a water bottle. You’ll need a towel. … Get your stretches in. The EMTs are always on the side, because people pull muscles.”

“It’s the ultimate spring, summertime record. It’s the festival record. It’s a fun record and it’s geared towards the women. What woman doesn’t want to put on their sundress and stroll through SoHo and have that as their theme music?”

Pharrell then touches on a couple collaborations he’s been working on with Fat Joe, Clipse, Rick Ross, Game, Jay-Z and Drake’s Thank Me Later.

The Clipse: “I’m not sure what their plans are. Whatever they wanna do, we’re always 100 percent onboard to help. They wanted to make a super street record for the last album, that’s what we did. You know what it is about Pusha? He can make radio records if he wants. But what you have to love about the guy because he’s such an artist, he wants to make ‘Popular Demand’ all day long. He wants to make that all day long. Listen, all Pusha wants to do is drive in a CL 600 drop, make ‘Popular Demand’ all day and count money. He may be mad at me for saying that, but it’s really all I think about when I think about him. There’s so many other aspects to his life, but the guy, that’s what he likes. That’s why in my opinion he has some of the most venomous 16’s. His 16’s are crazy, because of his affinity for spending money, fast cars and rap.”

On Drake: “We have [worked with him]. It was a great record.”

On the Game: “It was crazy, because you walk in the studio and it’s 15 to 20 7-foot dudes. All of his friends are giants. I’m in there like Webster. Like Emmanuel Lewis, looking up at everybody like, ‘Yeah, OK, cool.’ It was kinda otherworldly. Except me and my engineer, we’re the only two regular humans. These guys are like giants. But the most creative sessions ever.”

On Rick Ross: “Puff just said something to me last night [about Ross’ album]. You can only imagine where that’s going. Great places.”

On Fat Joe: Fat Joe? Any time. Joey Crack has been in the game for a long time, since ‘Flow Joe.’ He’s had a run. You cannot count him out. Every time you’re prepared to, he’ll go and find one. He knows how to make a record.”

On Jay-Z: “The guy is 40 and had a #1 record, and he sold more records than anybody in hip-hop at the time his album came out. And it’s still selling. The one thing we’re allowed to say [about our new collaboration] is he and I said that we’re sworn to secrecy.”

You can check out the full interview here.