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Artist/Group Name:


Pigeon John


Reppin’ (What city you reppin’?):


 Lost Angels


Affiliation (What crew or artists you roll with?):


 LA Symphony and the Quannum crew.


Influences (Who inspires you? Not limited to just hip-hop):


 Bob Dylan, Q Tip and Bill Cosby



Pigeon John hails from sunny Southern California, Inglewood to be exact. It’s easy to assume his signature blend of wit, charisma and undeniable stage presence is a fortunate gift (and it is), but let’s be real. Everyone starts somewhere. Pigeon John cut his teeth in the early 90s at the legendary Good Life Café, spitting rhymes on the same stage with then fledgling, now established artists like Freestyle Fellowship, Kurupt, The Pharcyde and Jurassic 5. Good Life open-mic nights became PJ’s ritual. It was the perfect environment to hone his performance and delivery skills amongst discerning peers.

Time at the Good Life gave way to time spent at local venues and in the studio with friends like Brainwash Projects and LA Symphony. His appearances on the underground classics, The Rise and Fall of… and Composition #1 from Brainwash Projects and LA Symphony, respectively, put him on the radar as one to watch

In 2002, Pigeon John released his solo debut Pigeon John… Is Clueless, selling over 11,000 copies with no distribution. He followed up with Pigeon John… Is Dating Your Sister and Pigeon John… Sings The Blues. The albums garnered significant praise landing him features in Spin’s “Next Big Things” issue, URB‘s “Next 100” and Mic Check in The Source. PJ’s infectious tunes have been used by XBOX for the games “Project Gotham” and “NBA Inside Drive 2002,” as well as the major motion picture “Get Over It.” John has also performed and appeared in print and television ads for both Levi’s and Nestle Crunch.

 Touring the nation 8 times over, Pigeon John has earned his veteran status, using a clever balance of self-deprecating humor and confidence to rock any crowd, any stage. His boundless energy seduces crowds making ladies swoon and fellas embrace their geek appeal.

 Enamored by PJ’s infectious energy and raw talent exhibited on the Cali Comm tour, Lyrics Born brought Pigeon John into the Quannum fold in 2005. His Quannum Projects debut Pigeon John… And The Summertime Pool Party (his best album yet!) hit stores September 12, 2006.


Current project : I’m promoting my album And The Summertime Pool Party that is out now on Quannum Projects – Representing classic west coast hip hop that has a twinge of humor, a twinge of tragedy and with a backbone (beat) of melodic hip hop.


Purpose I’d love to be a legend in some peoples eyes. I’d for my music to help people and for people to look back 20 –30 years and say to themselves “Pigeon John’s run added to hip hop” and I want to own a Lamborghini.


Is hip-hop really dead?

Hip-hop is not dead, it’s alive and well. It may be lethargic in certain areas (namely the East Coast – the style there for the most part has not changed) but it’s certainly not dead. Hip-hop has been re-focused in new areas outside of where it started (NYC, then West Coast) and is now alive in the South and the Bay area. Those scenes may have certain different sounds that may not appeal to everybody, but it is still hip-hop. I think its time to let different scenes of hip hop shine. When I see kids in high school like 15 and 16 it reminds me that hip hop is not dead.  Aske them and they will tell you hip hop that they love is live and well they don’t consider it dead at all.



Three wishes


1.    I wish that Phife Dog in Tribe Called Quest from when they first started.

2.    I wish Fat Lip was lead singer of the Roots.

3.    I wish the Beastie Boys would start drinking again.