Playlist Of Unreleased Lil Wayne Songs Appear

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Little something something to hold over fans until Funeral.

It’s no secret that Lil Wayne rivals anyone for most prolific MC. Since exploding onto the scene in the late ‘90s, Weezy has cemented his legacy off the strength of rewind-worthy bars, purely spitting off the mental, and for consistently supplying a bevy of heat; the man has 25 mixtapes and 12 studio albums under his belt. He’s thrown away more tracks than most artists could ever conceive creating.

And while his anticipated upcoming album, Funeral, is due out soon, there’s been another exciting recent development in the world of Wayne: 10 previously-unreleased songs of his have appeared on SoundCloud.

Available on an account called “Roadside Surgery,” the playlist is entitled Lil’ Wayne: Lost Grails, with the track titles appear in Japanese lettering. While this secretive wealth originally appeared this past Saturday (January 11th) with 14-tracks, the amended 10-song version populated yesterday (January 14th).

The origin of the recordings is unclear, but it’s speculated that these songs — or at least some — were recorded around 2013 during I Am Not A Human Being II studio sessions: Wayne references the album, and raps in an older style reminiscent of this era.

Who knows, maybe it’s an elaborate marketing scheme to promote Funeral? Whatever the reason, the influx of Lil Wayne track can be enjoyed by hitting play below: