Plies’ Manager Busted with 80 Pounds of Cocaine

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By: Rizoh

Now Hot Gossip Gal clued us in on this yesterday but Rizoh has some developing news on this one…..

      Plies’ manager, David Lee Gay Jr., has been arrested after police found more than 80 pounds of cocaine on him. According to criminal reports, Gay entered into an agreement to distribute cocaine from September 21 through November 12. Six times during this period, alleges the affidavit, Gay sold anywhere from half a kilo to a kilo of coke (2.2 pounds).

      While searching Gay’s home, Police found a 9mm handgun under the mattress in his master bedroom, according to the affidavit. They also recovered about 10 grams of marijuana from his home, along with drug paraphernalia, and $7,902 in cash.

      Police will use a testimony from one of the co-defendants and intercepted phone calls as evidence against Gay. The affidavit claims that he had paid $6,000 for a kilogram of cocaine from a co-defendant. He was supposed to pay the co-defendant $8,000 more.

      One Eleazar Gutierrez-Castillo, who was also arrested in the bust, agreed to cooperate with authorities. Castillo was arrested while allegedly trying to sell coke to an undercover cop.

      Both Gay and Castillo are currently in an Orient Road jail with no bail set.


  1. Damn He’s going to prison.If it was a White collar crime Maybe he may do less time. But in The court of Law every Nigga is guilty until proven innocent U only do 85% of your time so maybe He will end up doing 6years with the right lawer

  2. Dont matter how much money or k’s he had. black latino or craker.If youre a successful music producer and youre trying in the corner and get greedy u deserve what you’re gunna get served with.

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