Plies’ Hometown Banning Rap?

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Fort Myers, Florida, hometown to rapper Plies is seeking to have hip-hop music banned at it’s Harborside Events Center and other entertainment venues in the downtown area.

The man behind the plan, Councilman Warren Wright, is going to be discussing the possibility of banning Rap, Hip-Hop shows and all related performances during the council meeting this Monday, October 5th.

Warren’s argument is that the Hip-Hop themed events attract violence to the downtown area, which is being redeveloped at this time.

To back up his crazy new mission, he cited an incident in September where a bouncer was stabbed. The incident took place outside a local club after a concert featuring Plies at the Harborside Event Center.

The idea of banning Hip-Hop music is even being supported by the mayor, Mayor Randy Henderson. Mayor Henderson also admitted to the Fort Myers’ News Press that he was offended by rap music, saying:

“If there’s a legal way to do that, it’s a worthy idea.”

Well too bad there’s no legal way to put into place this “worthy idea” because of that whole first amendment thing.

These are the guys behind the banning of Hip Hop, not to shocking…

guysbanhhhhOn the right is Mayor Randy Henderson and on the left is Councilman Warren Wright.