Police Records: Cam’ron Not So Anti-Snitching

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By: Rizoh

      Bad news for the two of you who only buy Cam’ron’s albums because of his so-called street credibility: Turns out your favorite is a documented “snitch,” according to police records unearthed by The Smoking Gun. Just last Sunday, Killa Cam was doing his best pro-snitch/anti-police co-operation performance on CBS’ 60 Minutes, but Cam hasn’t always been against co-operating with the law.

      In fact, New York Police Department records indicate that he once helped cops arrest a culprit after he was assaulted at a Harlem playground in 1999. According to the Documents—available for your viewage on thesmokinggun.com—Cam was involved in a “verbal dispute” with about 15 black males “while at basketball game.” Being the certified gangsta that he is, Cam took a few knocks and fell to the ground after being “kicked in the head and groin.” He was debriefed by police at Bellevue Hospital, where he was treated and released.


  1. What Cam did is not snitching. He cooperated after being jumped. It does not say he is a CI. This does not make him a rat. It appears this happened at Rucker Park by the address. What is messed up is that his home address was made available. He probably does not live at either place, now.

  2. yawl dick riding niggas ,i aint a big cam fan but from what the shit said he didnt give a discription of anyone ,and he didnt go to the precent ,they saw him in the hospital and asked what happened to him and he said he got jumped by like 15 niggas,and told them the reason he there at the hospital,yawl motherfuckers take anything and run with it ,who is smoking gun any way are they a part of the hip hop community ,why are they searching ,maybe they police secret agents mad cause cam telling niggas not to snitch..shit with out cam i know not to snitch,my uncle doing 15 on conspiracy why u ask a snitch ,now he in jail ,gov took his daughter,his girl go deported….it was like a domino effect..
    and i swear he never sold coke or crack
    only tried to help someone out that was just looking to help they selves..so dont snitch think about all the people that gets hurt in the process……..
    unless its petophila ,rape leave it alone you better off….

  3. whats good i want to the smokeingguns web site and check out what cam said and to me hes not snitching he just told the police what happen he didnt say no names or descriptions of the people who did it so ya need to get ya lines right

  4. snitching involves details like names,descriptions and location of the suspects for niggas that don’t know. But if you told a cop I just got jumped by some niggas and thats it then thats not snitching you just told them what happened…..you let them fill in the blanks….u feel me.

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