Prodigy: “Cops Wanted Me to Setup 50 Cent” – Update

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Mobb Deep rapper, Prodigy is gearing up to go to prison on January 9th to serve three in a half years on weapons charges. On his new website, HNIC2, P explains what really went down that night when he and Alchemist got arrested.

      “I did an illegal u-turn so I could catch a parking spot not knowing that the hip-hop task force (NYPD) was following me the whole time in a yellow N.Y.C. taxi cab. The D’s jumped out and told me to roll down the windows, I told them the truck was bulletproof and the windows don’t roll down, so they opened my door,” Prodigy wrote on his blog. “They told us to step out and began searching us. That’s when two more un-marked police cars pulled up and just watched. Then the two dicks that pulled me and alchemist started searching my truck without asking which is called ILLEGAL SEARCH. Really no surprise the pricks and dicks is grimey as fuck, but when I was in my cell later that night I saw the true devil come out these niggas. All night they tried to get me to set up 50 CENT, they wanted me to plant guns in his car, plant drugs, or arrange a buy & bust. I was shocked how many times they tried and how many different detectives and ATF agents they tried to send at me. It was crazy. Then to top it all off, the same arresting detectives from the cab got on the stand in my trial and lied to the Grand Jury saying that they saw me put a gun in the console box of my truck. THIS NEVER HAPPENED….STRAIGHT LIE That ruined my illegal search case. I had to cop out to a 3 1/2 year sentence other wise I would have lost and got 15 years. I been threw a lot of cases, Murder cases, Guns, Grand Theft, ect. I got away with so many crimes it’s incredible. So me doing 3 1/2 aint shit compared to what I deserve.”

      In the time leading up to the beginning of his sentence, Prodigy is working on his album, “HNIC 2”, and is shooting a video for every song. He also said that he’s working on a reality show that he’ll include with the HNIC 2 album.


  1. Watch out!!! they still at our throat Like Pac and Biggie still here. keep ya head up. R.I.P. to all stars who have fallen lately. im sure we’ll hear more bad news with that beast divison in full effect now!!!

  2. yall trippin. fuck that nigga. he a fuckin pro tools gangsta. lock that bitch ass nigga up.
    that nigga tryin to make it seem like he sombody important. if the laws tryin to get this nigga to snitch he must be a snitch. if he had all those cases like he said, how do you think he got out of em.

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