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They say a man has plenty of time for contemplation when he is behind bars and it appears Prodigy is living proof of this. Currently sitting inside on a 3 1/2 year bid for weapon possession, one half of Mobb Deep has been reflecting on a lot more than what he is missing on the outside. Functioning from the confines of his prison cell, Prodigy has released an album, he has a blog on and he has recently attacked his nemesis Jay Z…. yet again.
This time the Queensbridge rapper wrote a letter to the good folks over at Urb in regards to Jay Z ‘siding with the devil’, to get ahead in the music industry, you can read the letter in its entirety below. But the basic facts of the matter are, Prodigy is accusing Jay Z for not standing beside Dr. Malachi Z. York who was imprisoned for 135 years for over 150 counts of child molestation and financial wrong doing in 2004. Dr. Malachi Z. York, born Dwight York was leader of the Nuwaubians, a black nationalist group which has influenced Hip-Hop icons such as Doug E Fresh, Nas, Afrika Bambaataa and other Hip-Hop names such as Lost Children of Babylon and MF Doom
Prodigy implies that Jay sided with the Dr’s son Jacob, who was a major part of his Father’s downfall, and failed to support a man who he (Jay) once showed loyalty to back in the early days of his career (according to Prodigy). This ongoing obsession that Prodigy has with Jay is starting to alarm people. What is Prodigy trying to achieve with this outburst we wonder?
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