Producer To Watch: Project X

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Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, young and talented producer, Project X, has set his sights on becoming the go-to producer for major hip-hop artists. So far, he has done considerably well for himself, working with the likes of Future and Wiz Khalifa. While he is signed to 808 Mafia, you might be surprised to hear less of the dark and ominous trap sound that Southside pioneered. Instead, the majority of his music is more melodic and light-hearted, highlighted by his use of airy synths and filtered pianos.

In 2020, Project X saw a dream come true when he teamed up with Future and Sonny Digital to create the song, “Gucci Bucket Hat.” The placement certainly pushed Project X towards the mainstream, but it certainly was not a one-off. Project X manifested this opportunity by putting in years of work and refining his skills with artists like Zoey Dollaz and Atlanta-based artist 24hrs. It’s undeniable that 808 Mafia has provided him with great connections and mentorship, but without Project X’s hard work, none of his success would be possible.

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