Quik and AMG Squash Old Beef to Form The Fixxers

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      In the early 90’s Quik and AMG were inseparable. AMG was featured on Quik’s projects and Quik produced AMG’s debut album “B**** Betta Have My Money.” But in the late 90’s, the two butted heads and Quik eventually cut off AMG like a red-headed step-child.

      “That’s natural when you have brothers and you have people and you go through growing pains and you don’t really have any mentors or guidance on how to grow up successful and keep your ego in check,” Quik told HipHopCrack.com. “I had to be an easy person to clash with, we didn’t have that upbringing, we didn’t have that finishing school in hip-hop in 1990 and 1991, so naturally you’re going to have some disagreements. I purposely was a grudge-holder, I held grudges for a really long time and wouldn’t mess with people on just some, “I’m right, I’m right…” which is some spoiled stupid ish to be doing in hindsight. And I probably held us up more than anything.”

      The two squashed their differences in the early 2000s and came together to form The Fixxers. They’ve already released “Can U Werk Wit Dat” as the first single and video, which was featured on the last episode of Entourage. They’re currently working on the album, “Midnite Life”, to drop sometime this summer, hopefully on Interscope Records.

      “The bottom line is it’s fun,” Quik told us. “It’s something that makes sense. When you’re in the studio and you see me replacing woofers and having to do silicone sealant myself, not because I can’t pay somebody to do it, but because it’s relaxing to do technical work, you realize that it makes sense. It’s like life imitating art, it’s not a corny name, and we’re in here literally fixing stuff, fixing music so we’re the Fixxers.”