R Kelly Denied Delay In Trial

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       Six years after he was charged with videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl, R&B superstar R. Kelly went on trial on Friday, with his alleged victim prepared to deny she is not the person on the tape.

      Kelly has been charged with 14 counts of videotaping, producing or soliciting child pornography. Prosecutors argue he knew, or should have known, the girl was a teenage minor.

      Judge Vincent Gaughan rejected a request from Kelly’s lawyers to delay the trial because of recent publicity. The proceeding, already postponed numerous times, is expected to last up to seven weeks, with jury selection continuing Monday.

      Prosecutors say the lurid 26-minute tape was made between January 1998 and November 2000 when the girl was 13 or 14.

      The alleged victim, who is now in her 20s, has denied she is the girl on the tape and could testify in Kelly’s defense, according to court records. Kelly’s lawyers have argued it is not him on the tape either.

      In a 2003 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Kelly said he was no pedophile, saying: "I’ve always loved women. … But I don’t have a bag with little suckers in it, hiding behind some tree talking about, ‘Come here, little girl.’ Not me."



  1. if he had sex with a 13 yr old then you might as well convict all those other guys out here that have done the same thing but just have not been caught…nowadays these girls look well above their age and lie to that affect so it is possible for someone to be misled…..

  2. this comment is not posted just because i’m from chi-town…these girls out here look old than what they are and they lie to see if they can get what they want and then lie about there ages so i’ma say kels didn’t do so the case should be thown out Chi-Town 4life

  3. I love the music…..well except for the “We havin’ a baby” song, that just gave me a disturbing mental picture. He needs to do time for that shit he did nasty perverted ass.

  4. 13/14 is pushin’ it and to have it recorded makes it worse. BUT you think about how ALL these white old Emmy, Grammy Award winning, movie star MTF’s take and marry these 25-30 yr. younger white “chickets” and it’s in Hollywood like it ain’t nothing with no problem. Hell Simmons took Kimora when she was 16! That nigga was well in his mid/late 30’s!

  5. kellz i believe in u, i dnt think u did it , ithink u were framed, everyone shud leave u alone,u r a beautiful man u dnt have 2 make tapes with babies,their r women who wud love 2 b with u, keep duing u .

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