R. Kelly Set To “Double Up” With Snoop, Kanye, Ludacris

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By: Rizoh

      Yesterday, we received a message with a number and something about R.Kelly. So we decided to call, in hopes that the Pied Piper of R&B might have something interesting news for us.

     "Since y’all called, I’m in the studio making these hits. I’ma give y’all a few lil snippets. Here’s what I’m about to hit y’all with," says R.Kelly in a pre-recorded phone message before playing snippets from his forthcoming album, Double Up.
      Kells played  a selection of songs over the phone, including: "Blow It Up," featuring Young Jeezy and Young Dro, "Leave Your Name," Freak It in the Club,” “Rockstar,” featuring Ludacris, Pull Your Hair, “Put Some Money on It,” and “Double Up” featuring Snoop Dogg.

      The first single from Double Up is "I’m a Flirt" which features T.I. and T-Pain.


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