Raiders’ Javon Walker Found Unconscious in Vegas

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      Oakland Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker reportedly was the victim of a robbery early Monday morning.

       Walker, 29, was found unconscious at an intersection near the famed Las Vegas Strip, having sustained "significant injuries"

Walker is listed in fair condition at Sunrise Medical Center with a fractured orbital.

      It is not the first time Walker has become embroiled in a violent situation off the field. Not long after an alleged altercation involving several people at a Denver nightclub on New Year’s Day 2007, Walker was sitting in a limousine when shots were fired into the vehicle, killing Broncos teammate Darrent Williams.

       Javon Walker signed a six-year, $55-million contract with Oakland this past March.



  1. Is anyone reading? They said dude was robbed. He probly went out with all that damn jewlery on and someone was watching and waiting for him to slip. When he did they got his ass! Plain and simple. This has nothing to do with anything he has done. He didn’t do anything the night Darrent was killed except be there. He didn’t do anything the night he got robbed except be there. It seems he just has a nack for being in the wrong place and the wrong time.

  2. I aint buying that shit. This dude jus got a second chance, a big contract, and he is in prime position to do something impactful in his own damn life. They should’ve had a clause in the new contract: If you found knocked the fuck out in a Vegas intersection you play for free. Plenty athletes can ball, get millions, and achieve fame but this particular dude is a STRAIGHT CLOWN.

  3. (((Lol)))
    Leeagle12 you a dawm foo…(((Lol)))
    Said dude need to play for free, if found knocked out at a intersection- you a mess

    Lady skinnie26

  4. look, I ain’t saying that what happened to this kid was right but Vegas is a wildly rich town but there are alot of poor people here. you can come here acting all flossy and not expect to become a target. Muthafuckaz are just waiting on tourists to slip here. I can’t tell you how many times that I hear cats talking bout I’ma rob so and so if I see them on the strip. I was at JET last monday night and was partying with Lil Jon at his table. Even his fucking mama was in the VIP! Lil Jon didn’t have no ice or hardcore jewelry on at all. Listen, if you come to Vegas u can have fun, holla at more hoes than your town could hold, gamble, drink for free but don’t be trying to act large as fuck with all kinda ice and shit cause some muthafucka is hiding in the shadows waiting to jack your ass! I am not saying we’re the hardest place on Earth. Tourists get pissy drunk and start slippin’ and thats how peeps become a target. The same shit happens all the time in NYC, L.A., New Orleans and Miami.

  5. all yall hatin ass niggas need to fuck urself….cause if this one one of your people you wouldn’t be talkin that shit….yall broke ass made cause you aint got his money..and you mad cause you dont have the balls to get off yo ass to go make that money…every nigga work hard for their doe and what they decide to do with it is their business..if yall will stop waitin for someone to hand you shit you wont be so consumed with how much someone else get paid..I dont respond to shit on here but since this is my nigga yes I do know the nigga personally I had to set it strait

  6. damn my nigga J…bitch ass haters man but he will b back stronger than eva….on a good note CELTICS U BITCH ASS NIGGAS!!! LA fans feelin real shitty…damn Boston got 2 many fucking titles ya diig

  7. blow 999, not sure if you were referring to my comment but even if you know the guy, he should have been more careful. At the least he should have security if he is gonna be all icy. As for your money comment, I live in a 3800 square foot home in southern highlands. Google that shit and do the math. I don’t have money or pussy problems.

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