Ray J – Marques Houston & Chris Stokes “Act Fruity”

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In a recent interview with Ballerstatus, Ray J implied that Marques Houston and Chris Stokes are gay lovers:

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

BallerStatus.com: There was a track on [your new CD] where you came at Chris Stokes kind of raw.

Ray J: F— that mother—–. Man, that n—-‘s a bitch. He’s a thief. He tried to take my records and pull me off of television shows and put Marques Houston on the shows, basically replace me. It was a lot of weird things going on over there and I felt like he was trying to dig into my money and try to compromise my career. He and Marques Houston take it in the butt together. I’m real, so I say it how I see it.


  1. fuck Ray J. The muthafucka can’t act or sing. He ain’t shit and ain’t never gonna be shit. On the real, tell Brandy i wanna fuck her

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