Reality Check:Video Of Aubrey O’Day Nearly Getting Into Fight In Front Of Katsuya

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I like girls like Aubrey, these are the type of females I would wife up. Why, might you ask? well they seem like there would never be a dull moment when dating them. Aubrey is a former member of Danity Kane and has a new show called “All About Aubrey” that airs on Oxygen every Monday (proof that there is life after Diddy).

At first I thought the video below was scripted but after being in situations like this, trust me its real. Apparently, her friend Stephanie brought along her boyfriend Sean who Aubrey doesn’t like because he was cheating on her with another friend of Aubrey’s. The paparazzi walk up to Aubrey, ask about how their night is going and all hell breaks loose. Quote of the day: “You don’t even have a Wikipedia Muthaf*cker!”(If the ad audio on the side gets in the way you can mute it)



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